Various animation, video and creative direction for MONEYPHONE’s World Peace Inside Me, ongoing.

Thanks to the expansive team including Enoch Ncube, David May, Kostadin Kolev, Emily Allan, Anisha Sandhu, Sarah Ruest, Chris Yellen, and many more.
CBA Cover, 2022

Kosta and Anisha, NYC 2021
World Peace Icons, NYC 2021

London, 2022


Music Video, two channels, 3:36

Directed by David May
AD: Nik Arthur
DP: Nik Arthur & David May
Sony FS7 Camera Operator: Erik Valentic
GoPro: TC
Produced by Sarah Ruest
Production Company: Underscore Studios
Key PA: Jahliya Daley Extras casting by Underscore Studios
0.5 Casting by Elie Kimbe & Sarah Ruest
Styling by Eno & Louisa Thewes
VFX: Rene Gibson Edited by Nik Arthur & David May
Starring: TC, Ella, Cyan, Chelsea & Abigail.
Dance Routine by Rakeem Hardy & Jessica Mak
Special thank you to Brian Kennedy and Denzel Arthur

MONEYPHONE - Coming Back Around

Music Video, 3:06

Directed by David May
Co-Directed by Chris Yellen & Nik Arthur
Director of Photography: Kostadin Kolev
Editor: Nik Arthur
B CAM: Ayodeji
Producer: Emily Allan
Stylist: Eno