An ongoing research series investigating animation with organic materials

organima 2 - wood eels

Over the last 4 months I’ve been chiseling thin layers off of a small piece of maple wood. Looking at this block at my grandpa’s wood shop, I realized that woodgrain will animate if you slowly reveal new layers of wood. After removing a handful of layers, I noticed that the grain moves like trickling water. I wanted to work with this feeling of water, so I developed animated eels based off of the soundwave of my wood chiseling, and drew them onto each new layer. Eventually after nearly 100 layers, I reached the other side of the block.

Music by Jonah Yano


organima 1 - snowprints

Seeing a print in the snow feels right. It is a sign that someone was there, but one that is buried, melted, or trampled with the rest of the snow around it. A perfect print is conditional — a sunny day after a snowfall.

Music and sounds by Ghost Orchard